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You are good. You shape others.
You change the world.

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Our Vision

Good exists all around us, yet, by its nature, can be hard to see.

Believe Trees’ mission is to help you believe in yourself and in your infinite capacity to do good.

When you create a Believe Tree, you get to see a visualization of your efforts, the impact on others of those efforts, and connections to those who have done good for you.

Have you ever wondered how far a pay-it-forward action will spread?

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Or whether your
efforts to be kind today really matter?

Believe Trees Highlights the Power
of a Good Deed

Believe Trees provides a way to start to see and experience your ability to impact the world, for good, your ability to shape, and your ability to spread good far beyond your own direct sphere of influence.

We know your good efforts matter. We know you have the capacity to help change the world. Come join us as we work to create a visualization of the good inside and around us all.


Create a Believe Tree

You are the trunk of your own ‘Believe Tree’. When you create an account, you will see yourself, and you will have the ability to add roots and branches to your trunk.

Branches are projects, goals, or other good initiatives that you are involved with.

Roots from your Believe Tree are notes of thanks that you send to others. You can thank anyone that has had an impact on you.

You are good. You shape others. Good is a synergistic force, one that is most powerful when we involve others.

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On Believe Trees, you can collaborate and set goals with other users. Goals can range from personal in nature, such as exercising 3x/week, to community-based in nature, such as challenging others to come and clean up a city park.

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Setting and following through on joint goals and efforts will really help as you spread your ability to change and
shape the world, for good.

We Believe In You

We fully believe in you and in your potential to change the world. Come join us and others who are working to build and pursue good. The world may never be the same.

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